1. if you live in the u.s. or canada you can buy my book from the scrambler website, they are shipping now http://thescrambler.com/books-takahe.html

    if you are in europe, australia or nz, email me (staceteague@gmail.com) and i can arrange to send you a copy with cheaper postage


  2. susie saying things :’)

  3. my poetry book, takahe, is available now for pre-order


    cover is by kelly schirmann

  4. itsa me

    london, july 2014

    taken by LMT

  5. london, summer 2014

  6. furry friends, athens & andros, greece

    july 2014

  7. new author photo

  8. still life, may 2014

  9. all the feels

    curating my desktop

  10. mat

    swanton novers, norfolk

    may, 2014

  11. eating pizza on my birthday

    norwich, march 2014

  12. i have a poem here, it’s about walking in the woods and feeling calm

  13. across the street from my old flat

    glen eden, auckland, new zealand, the world (2012)

    3 more months until i am back here

  14. 'a symbol of meaning which is elsewhere'

    livia / london, 2014

  15. 'everything's cool'

    ashleigh / london, 2014