1. mat in cafes - photos by me

    (the old) foyle’s cafe, soho, london

    mel’s cafe, earlsfield, london

    the bicycle shop, norwich

  2. takahe thank u’s

    susie, for being my #1 babe and confidante, and for helping me edit at least half of these poems while i was writing them, mat for being cool bf, sam for designing the layout for free when you were busy as hell, willis for telling me not to quit writing when i wanted to, lucy for being my hypewoman, spencer for soliciting me to put together this manuscript in the first place, even though that didn’t work out, sara for making me feel like this book mattered when i thought it didn’t anymore, jeremy for publishing me and working really hard i appreciate it a lot, guillaume for your feedback and support, and laura, crispin, ashleigh, joe, angela, dan, stephen & nat for being my pals. also i forgot to mention kelly schirmann who did the cover, looks so good thank you!!

  4. saramountain:

    her by Stacey Teague

  5. when i was in melbourne i had a launch for my book at susie’s house

    there was art displayed and readings from myself, Dan Hogan, Holly Childs, Susie Anderson, Bianca Martin, Anna Crews and Zoe Dzunko

    all photos by the lovely Alan Weedon

    copies of my book are available from the scrambler website, small press distribution, amazon (soon) and from me personally via email (staceteague@gmail.com)

    you can also review it on goodreads

    ok that is enough things now

  6. just missing my hell crew no big


  7. if you live in the u.s. or canada you can buy my book from the scrambler website, they are shipping now http://thescrambler.com/books-takahe.html

    if you are in europe, australia or nz, email me (staceteague@gmail.com) and i can arrange to send you a copy with cheaper postage


  8. susie saying things :’)

  9. my poetry book, takahe, is available now for pre-order


    cover is by kelly schirmann

  10. itsa me

    london, july 2014

    taken by LMT

  11. london, summer 2014

  12. furry friends, athens & andros, greece

    july 2014

  13. new author photo

  14. still life, may 2014

  15. all the feels

    curating my desktop