1. my reading series TBQH 1, 2 & 3

    ty to everyone has has read and attended

    it is so much fun always

    already thinking about the next one in the summer

  2. shabbydollhouse:

    the new issue of plain wrap press edited by carolyn decarlo is online now & features stacey teague, ashley opheim, cassandra de alba & more 

    nu pome in this

  3. i turned 25

  4. bunnycollective:

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    took some photos of women and they will be displayed at this


  5. this is the glossary from my forthcoming book, takahē

    i titled some of the poems in Māori

  6. okay, life

    march 2014

  7. words by crispin best

    photo by me

  8. this is happening next month

    (poster by nat chin)

  9. laura and ashleigh

    crystal palace park, mar 2014

  11. water

    italy, paris, brighton, london


  12. words by simone de beauvoir / photo by me


  13. scramblerbooks:

    (not necessarily in this order but probably pretty close)

    Morocco by Kendra Grant Malone and Matthew Savoca (2014)
    OHSO poetry by Mike Bushnell (2014)
    An Anthology of Contemporary Brazilian Poetry
    edited by Ana Guadalupe and Jeremy Spencer (2014)
    takahē poetry by Stacey Teague (Summer,…

  14. words & photo by me


  15. "slow dance" by Stacey Teague



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    this poem up at ebenbore haus

    originally wrote this in 2011 for the antipobros blog, when the theme was ‘accents’, there is also a video of me reading it from that time

    i think my accent has changed a bit since then