1. 1. i read the first chapter out loud to myself in the bath
    i had been alone for two days and i needed to hear what my voice sounded like
    not that i had forgotten, that is not something you forget
    i just wanted to hear it, to confirm my existence

    when i finished the story the bath was cold

    2. i read this in bed on a thursday afternoon

    i cried during some of it, almost definitely the last two pages of it

    it made me think of my grandmother and how her face looked close to death and how it upset me more now than it did then
    the memory of something > the thing itself

    when i finished the story
    i got up because the dog was barking
    i looked out the window, it was snowing
    and i cried looking at it

    3. v short, read it standing up in kitchen waiting for pizza to cook

    4. this story reminded me of how you found a note on my computer that simply said ‘love poem by richard brautigan’ and how you must have known i didn’t love you before i told you i didn’t love you

    5. “People and places you think you love may be people and places you hate.”

    6. common theme of this book is how you can become stuck in all places in your life, this is something i get very afraid of

    this story is about a relationship, and it seems to me that you can feel stuck in any relationship after a while

    you can be stuck anywhere and with anyone after a certain amount of time

    for me it isn’t even that long either

    oh yeah i cried at the end of this story too, but it’s nice to cry like that, for something external

    why i liked this book is that it made me think things about myself and life that i sometimes forget, or that i cannot easily verbalize

    and those are the things that i like the most

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